Design thinking

Design thinking

To build the right solution...

Innovation is not about novelty; it is about creating value!

A mindset

We can all be creative and innovative, as long as we take care to be:

- Optimistic and open - Biaised towards action
- Empathetic - Collaborative
- Willingness to experiment           - Iterative

A process

Everything we do more than once is a process. Innovating is no exception.

Using the Design Thinking methodology, we work through the steps:

  1. What is? (empathy and observation)
  2. What if? (define the problem)
  3. What wows? (ideation)
  4. What works? (prototyping and scaling)

A set of tools

The design team is equiped with a great toolbox. "Brainstorming" is usually the first to come to mind, but there is also:

- Journey mapping - Prototyping
- Visualization - Analogies
- Ethnography - Personas
- Storytelling - Mind mapping
- Root cause analysis - Interviewing
- Research - Learning launches
- Minimum viable products          - more...

To find the sweet spot of innovation

Successful innovation being the overlap of:

  1. Human desirability
  2. Technical feasibility
  3. Business viability

Design thinking and life design

We are so taken by the design thinking methodology that we apply it to the wickedest problem of them all: life design.
Working off of the teachings of Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, we facilitate physical and virtual work groups in both french and english.